Let San Diego Testing be your expert for asbestos and lead
inspections in San Diego County.  With experience in lead testing,
asbestos testing, and mold investigations since 2002, we are well
equipped to handle all your testing and consulting needs.  Company
president Mike Anderson has 8 years previous work experience at
the City of San Diego Lead and Asbestos Program and has expertise
in all applicable regulations.
Compliance with both the San Diego Lead
Ordinance and the Federal EPA RRP Rule
can be challenging.  To help you succeed,
this website includes helpful tools including
information on the regulations you need to
know about, an easy to follow summary of
both City and EPA requirements, and a
decision making guide for finding the least
expensive, least burdensome way to stay
safe and compliant on pre-1979 renovation
Renovation Contractors
San Diego Testing has the knowledge and latest equipment needed
to keep your project safe and in compliance.  Best of all, this level of
expertise comes at the
lowest pricing in San Diego County.
Include a lead inspection in renovation planning
Lead Testing and Lead Inspections
On this site the terms lead testing and lead inspections are used
interchangeably.  Both refer to an on-site visit by a lead certified
professional that usually involves lead analysis either in the field with
XRF equipment, or by collecting and submitting samples to a
laboratory.  Details of the various types of lead inspections
performed by San Diego Testing are found on the
Services page.
Asbestos Testing and Asbestos Inspections
On this site the terms asbestos testing and asbestos inspections also refer to the same task:  
Collecting bulk samples of suspect asbestos in a structure and submitting to a laboratory for
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Professional Liability Insurance:  
$2,000,000 aggregate policy
  • Lead paint testing (inspections)
Services Offered
  • Asbestos testing (inspections)
  • Asbestos air clearance testing
    after abatement
  • HUD lead inspections and
    hazard assessments
  • Consulting services for property
    managers and abatement
  • Mold investigations and
    related services
California DOSH Certified Asbestos
Consultant #06-3922
California DPH Certified Lead Inspector/
Assessor/Project Monitor #17780
  • Lead clearance testing
  • Free phone consultations on all
    lead, asbestos, and mold matters
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