I welcome questions or comments concerning just about anything.  There are now three ways to contact
me.  My phone number and email are listed at the bottom of every page.  The third option is to use the
handy contact form at the bottom of this page.  Which ever way you prefer I'll reply within 24 hours and
usually sooner.  Whe
n using the form please include your name (first name only is fine), and either your
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Cost estimates:  Briefly describe the type of testing you need and square footage of the structure.  I'll do
my best to provide a cost with the information provided.  I may need to ask you a couple questions about
your project in order to provide a firm price quote.
Compliance questions:  I'd be glad to help you sort through any confusion or difficulties regarding the
existing lead and asbestos regulations.  If you have a quick question please use this form.  If you have
more extensive difficulties with the regulations then please make a note of that and a good time for me to
call.  Consultations are always free and there are no time limits or obligations.
Anything else:  If it's related to lead, asbestos, or mold I can probably help.
  • Lead paint testing (inspections)
Services Offered
  • Asbestos testing (inspections)
  • Asbestos air clearance testing
    after abatement
  • HUD lead inspections and
    hazard assessments
  • Consulting services for property
    managers and abatement
  • Mold investigations and
    related services
  • Lead clearance testing
  • Free phone consultations on all
    lead, asbestos, and mold matters
crocidolite asbestos
Message from Company President Mike Anderson
Lead-Asbestos-Mold Experts in San Diego
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Professional Liability Insurance:  
$2,000,000 aggregate policy
California DOSH Certified Asbestos
Consultant #06-3922
California DPH Certified Lead Inspector/
Assessor/Project Monitor #17780
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