California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) -  Responsible for CCR Title 8
Section 1532.1 which contains safety provisions that protect employees in construction that may be
occupationally exposed to lead.
This page discusses regulations that impact projects involving lead-related
renovation* inside California, and then specifically in the City of San Diego.  A handy
one page
guide is provided that considers both the EPA RRP Rule and the City of
San Diego Lead Ordinance when performing lead-related renovation inside the City.  
It steps through primary requirements and at what point each is triggered.
*On this site the term "lead-related renovation" refers to projects that impact pre-1979
paint where the paint has not been tested in advance and shown to have lead below
threshold levels.  Lead-related renovation may be performed by renovation contractors,
handymen, painters, property management employees, and property owners.  
Regulations That Apply In All of California
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Created the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule which
requires training and certification for anyone working for compensation in pre-1978 residential structures,
day care centers, and schools where known or assumed lead-based paint is impacted.  The EPA website
with complete information on this regulation is located
California Department of Public Health (CDPH) - Created "Title 17" which includes lead testing and
abatement provisions in residential and public structures in California.  A number of important definitions
are contained in Title 17 including Abatement, Clearance Inspection, Containment, Lead-Based Paint,
Lead Contaminated Dust and Soil, Lead Hazard, and Lead Hazard Evaluation.  Title 17 establishes that
lead testing be performed using XRF equipment or by paint chip sample analysis in California.  Lead test
kits are not accepted.  It also establishes testing in California be performed by a State certified lead
inspector/assessor if the testing is related to a project involving compensation.
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - Created the HUD Guidelines which contain
protocols for lead testing and abatement.  Specific protocols in the HUD Guidelines are required by both
Title 17 and by the City of San Diego Lead Ordinance.
Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) - Responsible for "Title 22" regulations which concern
management of hazardous waste including lead waste.
Additional Requirements if Inside the City of San Diego
The City of San Diego Lead Hazard Control Ordinance has a broader
application than the EPA RRP Rule because it applies to everyone that
disturbs paint on pre-1979 structures of any kind regardless to whether
compensation is involved. Additionally, the San Diego lead ordinance
applies to complete demolition of structures whereas the EPA RRP Rule
does not.  It requires a clearance inspection by a certified lead
inspector/assessor for most projects that impact known or assumed
lead-based paint.  The full text of the City of San Diego Lead Ordinance is
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Lead-Related Renovation Regulations
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