Lead paint testing inside the City of San Diego:  Both EPA and City of San Diego have
requirements if your project impacts paint with lead concentrations greater than 1.0 mg/cm
(lead-based paint).  However, some of the City of San Diego requirements also apply if the paint has
lead concentrations greater than 0.5 mg/cm2.  San Diego Testing considers both thresholds when
analyzing and our concise reports detail which requirements apply to each tested surface.  We use the
most advanced XRF equipment and provide immedi
ate results.
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Lead Clearance Testing for projects inside the City of San Diego:  The San Diego Lead
Ordinance requires clearance testing upon completion of projects that disturb lead-based paint in all
structures located within the City. A clearance inspection involves a visual inspection and collection of
dust wipe samples and possibly soil samples, which have to be sent to a laboratory for analysis.  
Lead paint testing outside the City of San Diego:  The EPA has specific requirements if your project
impacts paint with lead concentrations greater than 1.0 mg/cm
2 (lead-based paint).  Currently there is
no other threshold for municipalities within San Diego County (other than City of San Diego).
Terms:  Net 30 days (from date of invoice).  Credit cards and checks accepted.
Consulting Services:  Work plans and site surveillance for asbestos, lead, and mold abatement
Asbestos Testing:  Conducted by a certified asbestos consultant.  Significant cost savings can be
achieved if both lead testing and asbestos testing are conducted at the same time.  Please call for
Our goal is to provide the highest possible quality of service
at the lowest pricing available in San Diego County.  What
follows is a description of services provided.  Please contact
us to discuss your specific testing service needs.
Type of renovation
Number of rooms impacted
Number of clearance samples
required per HUD Guidelines
4 or greater
Typical renovation projects require 2 to 9 clearance samples depending on the size of the project.  
Use the table below for reference or contact San Diego Testing with your specific project information
for an estimate on number of samples required.
Mold Investigations:  Investigations to determine presence and quantity of mold spores, types of
mold, and the source of the mold problem.  Please call for details.
  • Lead paint testing (inspections)
Services Offered
  • Asbestos testing (inspections)
  • Asbestos air clearance testing
    after abatement
  • HUD lead inspections and
    hazard assessments
  • Consulting services for property
    managers and abatement
  • Mold investigations and
    related services
  • Lead clearance testing
  • Free phone consultations on all
    lead, asbestos, and mold matters
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